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Catholic Varsity Students Gathering 2011

SHAH ALAM - Catholic Varsity Students (CVS) Ministry of Church of The Divine Mercy, Shah Alam recently organized the Shah Alam Catholic Varsity Student Gathering 2011 (CVSG) on the 25th – 27th of March. The theme for this event is  “I am Y.O.U.N.G” from 1Timothy 4:12. CVSG is an event where students from various tertiary education institutions around Shah Alam (UiTM, INTEC, MSU + PTPL + Polytechnic, Unisel, Sime Darby, etc.) gathered and have a fellowship. The first session on Friday was conducted by Gregory Pravin and Edmund Kwok, the pastoral workers of Archdiocese Single Adults and Youth Office (ASAYO). The session titled “Direction of Catholic Varsity Students Ministry” focuses on the rebranding of Catholic Student Society (CSS) to Catholic Varsity Student (CVS) Ministry and its new mission and vision being a parish based ministry.

On the second day, Lamhot together with Joseph Asim conducted the ‘Seven Step Bible Sharing Method’. The session is conducted in group for better understanding. The next session for the day is conducted by Mervin Ratnasingam on “Sexuality” and “Boy-Girl Relationship’. This session was conducted to make students have a clear picture on the church’s teaching on sex and morale values. Soon after Mervin’s session, Rev. Fr. Michael Chua of Archdiocesan Ministry of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs (AMEIA) took the stage with his session on “Introduction on Inter-Faith Dialogue. This topic was focused more on the understanding and “space” that is needed among the multi-religious society for better living. At night, our beloved Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Paulino Miranda conducted a session titled ‘Silence with God’. In this session, Fr. Paulino emphasizes on why we need to meditate and let God to speak through us in silence. Fr. Paulino also introduced a type of meditation called ‘silencio’. The program continues with Bible Quiz by Lamhot which was conducted in darkness as it coincides with Earth Hour and the highlight of the day is the Talent Night where the participants are separated into groups and were asked to act out a sketch from the Gospel. The  second day ended with the screening of “The Passion of Christ” movie.

On the final day, Lamhot gave a session on Catholic Social Teaching. Then the Sunday School students of Form 3 - Form 5 joined us for a session on ‘Life as a Student’ presented by the CVS Presidents. The event continued with a Eucharistic Celebration celebrated by Fr. Paulino himself followed by fellowship. The event ended with testimonials and sharing from students followed by a closing speech by Fr. Paulino. Next year’s gathering will be co-hosted by all the CVS in Shah Alam. – Jasper James

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CSS Annual Dinner 2010

A view of Dewan St. Faustina

SHAH ALAM - Students from the Catholic Students Society of Management & Science University, PTPL College and Shah Alam Polytechnics (CSS MSUPTPLPOLY) recently organized their Annual Dinner to acknowledge the seniors members who are soon to graduate from their respective institution. Other than that, CSS are also aiming at aiding up their funds to accommodate their whole year activities.

The dinner was held at the Dewan St. Faustina, Church of The Divine Mercy with its theme, Broadway.  The event kicked-off at about 7.30pm with the arrival of guests followed by the opening and welcoming of guest where the members of CSS performed a song titled Last Kiss to the guest. This is followed by a minute of silent moment for the vigil and food blessing. During dinner time, the guest was entertained by a performance by Komuniti Umat Bahasa Malaysia (KUBM) with a local song from Sarawak. The performance is then followed by a duet by Orpheus Modili and Rozalia representing the CSS.

Fr. Paulino's speech
Later, the President of CSS, Jasper James gave a short speech where he thanks all guest for supporting the dinner and hoping to have them for CSS next activities. CDM Parish Priest, Fr. Paulino Miranda also gave his speech where he congratulates the student for organizing such a memorable night. He also point out the importance of the student’s to do outreaching to the community as well as to the students.

The performance is continued with the performance by invited guests from CSS of Church of St. Francis Xavier, Petaling Jaya. They performed few songs using traditional musical instrument such as the sompoton, seruling, togunggak, and tungkopit. It was indeed an interesting performance when the traditional instrument was performed together with the guitars. This was followed by the slide presentation and also special performance by Bro Jeremy, and not long after that, Fr Paulino performed few songs to the guest.

Climax of the night was the crowning of the Queen and King of the night where Madeline and Eric Wong grab the title. Their gift and sash were given out by CDM Campus Minister Joseph Asim and wife. The night continues with its highlight when the senior members were given appreciation for their contribution towards the growth and success of the CSS. The official song of CSS was also performed after the gift ceremony.

Band for the night
The dinner ended with the dance floor opened and the guest enjoyed themselves dancing and eating non-stop throughout the night. It was a fun-filled and exciting night especially for the local parishioner where they also joined the sumazau dance, a traditional dance of Sabah. – by Orpheus Modili

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seminar Bertumbuh Dalam Roh (GSS)

Seminar Bertumbuh Dalam Roh yang diadakan di Gereja Kerahiman Ilahi (CDM), Shah Alam pada 10-12hb. September 2010. CSS MSUPTPLPOLY juga turut membantu Komuniti Umat Bahasa Malaysia (KUBM) di CDM dalam persiapan menjelang GSS ini.

Fiat Voluntas Tua!
Jadilah kehendakMu!

It's Futsal time!

Futsal di Extreme Park, Shah Alam
27hb Ogos 2010.

Foto dari album Sherence George di Facebook

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Welcoming Gathering 2010

Shah Alam: Pelajar dari Persatuan Mahasiswa Katolik Universiti Sains & Pengurusan (MSU), Kolej PTPL dan Politeknik Shah Alam  (CSS MSU, PTPL POLY) baru-baru ini menganjurkan  Welcoming Gathering mereka untuk menyambut pelajar-pelajar baru untuk universiti dan kolej masing-masing. Program sehari ini diadakan di Gereja Kerahiman Ilahi, Shah Alam. Acara bermula di sekitar 08:30 dengan sesi pendaftaran diikuti   dengan sesi Puji dan Sembah. 

Kegiatan selanjutnya adalah sesi 'ice-breaking' dimana pelajar dibahagikan dalam kumpulan-kumpulan sesuai dan memastikan untuk bergaul dengan pelajar lain di CSS. Mereka diminta untuk memperkenalkan diri di antara anggota kumpulan mereka dan mencipta 'yell' untuk cap dagang mereka untuk turun hari. Hal ini kemudian diikuti oleh Bible Sharing menggunakan MethodeTujuh Langkah yang telah dilaksanakan sebagai kegiatan CSS sepanjang tahun.

Jasper memperkenalkan komiti baru
Presiden CSS MSU PTPL POLY, Jasper Elvin James kemudian memberi taklimat tentang sejarah CSS diikuti dengan perkongsian daripada bekas Presiden, Annesya Masidol dan CDM Campus Minister, Joseph Asim.

Selepas makan siang, blog rasmi untuk CSS telah dilancarkan oleh Joseph. 

Blog baru, ( akan memiliki maklumat seperti aktiviti akan datang, waktu Misa, dan juga twitter feed.

Bro. Jeremy
Kemudian pada tengah hari, Bro. Jeremy memberikan pelajar sebuah sesi pada ajaran Gereja dan Iman Katolik. Segera setelah sesi itu, ada permainan indoor diadakan di Dewan St. Faustina, CDM. Permainan ini lebih ke arah 'konsep Team Building'. Pada akhir permainan, ada upacara pemberian hadiah bagi kumpulan terbaik dan penyertaan terbaik untuk kategori wanita dan lelaki.

Fr. Simon memberkati pelajar dengan air suci

Gathering itu berakhir dengan Misa pukul 6petang dipimpin oleh Rev Fr. Simon Labrooy dari Paroki St Thomas More. Selama Misa, Romo, Simon berbicara tentang bagaimana umat harus menerima pelajar sebagai sebahagian daripada masyarakat memandangkan CSS sekarang menjadi sebahagian daripada paroki. Hal ini seiring dengan tema Paroki untuk tahun 2010, 'Cari Yesus Sebagai Keluarga Melalui Integrasi' (Seeking Jesus As A Family Through Integration) . Fr.Simon kemudian memberkati murid pada akhir Misa.

CSS MSU PTPL POLY boleh dihubungi melalui, atau dengan pakan Twitter di @ cssmsuptplpoly atau melalui Presiden, Jasper James di 019-6919054. - Oleh Jasper James